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Need some help with writing?


Content Writing


This job title is pretty self-explanatory, but there are many different types of journalists, My role is to process the information received; select the most important, informative or interesting points; determine an angle; and work the story into a compelling article in my own distinctive journalistic voice. I have had the pleasure of working as a Features, Fashion and Lifestyle Editor but also as an Editor-In-Chief for several online and print publications. 


To experience my writing and read my past work look at:

Essentially, if writing is not your skill, there are a myriad of diverse jobs I can help you with  –  I am well versed in creating content for a number of online and print publications. Including editorials, magazines, news articles and blogs. I bring creativity, topical subject matter and flair to my writing. My commentaries have been featured on international online news, fashion and entertainment media outlets.


Delve into my past projects to see for yourself:

Creative Direction:


Starting my 30-year fashion career as a Commercial Model, I then made my way through to Creative Direction. Making stylistic decisions have become second nature to me. Above all, being creative, as well as having an awareness of current design trends and the styles and tones of individual companies. I have the ability to see the bigger picture overview as well as careful attention to detail. 


See my work for the bigger picture:

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