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About me

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With over 18 years of experience in the fashion industry, I have cultivated a diverse skill set that encompasses various roles, from Commercial Model and Fashion Events to Fashion & Lifestyle Features & Editorials, Public Relations, and Editing & Reporting. In 2008, I ventured into the launch of a London-based PR agency, which was later rebranded in April 2020 as a Digital Marketing & PR agency.

Throughout my career, I have been privileged to provide support to international independent fashion brands, spanning regions such as Kuwait, France, Guadeloupe, Canada, the US, Croatia, Pakistan, India, Cameroon, Congo, Mali, Ghana, and Nigeria, among others. Notably, I have worked with esteemed clients including The Hilton, IMAN Cosmetics Europe, London Fashion Week, BET UK, and Vancouver Fashion Week.

My editorial journey has been equally enriching, having served as a Features, Fashion, and Lifestyle Editor, and later as an Editor-In-Chief for prominent online and print publications. From my role as an Editor at Glam Africa Magazine to my tenure as Fashion Director and Head of Digital Content at Style of the City Magazine, I have consistently contributed to the fashion and lifestyle landscape.

Since 2018, I have extended my expertise as a Fashion Expert Commentator for the Daily Mail and provided Expert Lifestyle Commentaries for The Daily Express (UK) & Metro (UK), with my commentaries being featured on various international online news, fashion, and entertainment media outlets.

My professional journey has afforded me the opportunity to travel to captivating locations, savour exceptional cuisine, and engage with talented artists, actors, and entertainers. Notably, my career highlights include live interviews on esteemed international media channels such as Sky News, BET UK, RFI (Radio France International). BBC Radio London & BBC News Afrique. These experiences have not only enriched my professional expertise but have also broadened my perspective on the global fashion and lifestyle landscape.

I will be updating my site with my projects, so keep an eye out to see what I’m working on.


Please also feel free to browse through my content and get in touch for commission and work-related queries via email to:


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